5 Key Considerations When Choosing Vehicles for a Business Fleet

By: | November 7th, 2022

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Picking vehicles for a business fleet might seem like a simple task. However, it can be tricky to select the right set of cars for your team based on your business needs and crew.

Luckily, there are questions you can ask yourself to narrow down the available options. By asking yourself these items, you can determine the right choices for your business. 

I have five helpful questions to make the selection much easier.

1. What Does Safety Look Like?

Safety should be one of the top concerns when selecting vehicles for your fleet. It will keep your team comfortable and lower costs associated with injuries to drivers. 

The safer your vehicles, the fewer accidents there will be. The fewer accidents, the less you will need to pay insurance premiums. You can keep more money for the further production of business and other needs. 

Safer vehicles will also keep your team active on the road. Look for safety features for the benefit of your team and business and stay up-to-date with industry news for updated potential dangers on the road.

2. How Much Will the Cars Cost to Insure?

Car insurance is critical to consider with your fleet. In the long term, you need to be ready to pay premiums for coverage with your fleet. Every state differs in insurance costs.

For example, car insurance in Ohio State is the cheapest at $22 a month for liability insurance and $62 for full coverage insurance. Other states have higher rates.

The cheaper the state and the fewer cars you have in your fleet, the less you will pay for coverage. It’s a necessity in every state except Virginia and New Hampshire.

3. How Much Room is in the Cars?

If you need to carry people or cargo, look at the room available in each option. How much space can each vehicle hold? Is there enough room for the people or items you need in the car?

Along with the room available, consider how much weight each vehicle can carry. It won’t be helpful if a car has room but can’t hold what can fit inside. Whatever you need, ensure the vehicles chosen for your fleet can carry every item.

4. What Are the Maintenance Costs?

Maintenance costs are another crucial factor to look at when picking a car. The more you drive a vehicle, the more it will take to maintain. There are also routine checks your vehicle will need to run correctly.

Cheaper vehicles may save you money in the short term, but they will break easily and cost more with long-term fixes. Don’t pick a cheap car without considering reviews and looking at your long-term plans.

The best way to deal with maintenance costs is to determine a budget for yourself with the vehicle and the maintenance costs. Once you have that number, you can decide the price of a car that would be worth it when considering maintenance costs.

5. How Are You Going to Use Them?

Different vehicles can handle various types of strain and movement. Before you pick a car for your fleet, consider what you will use them for on the road. What kind of stress will you put your vehicle under on the job?

Consider the distance you will take the cars every day and the routes. Are there curvy roads? Are there any sections that require off-roading? Are electric cars more viable? Some fleet vehicles can handle the distance, while others can’t. 

Once you determine how you’re using the vehicles, it will narrow down your fleet options. You need a car that can withstand the stress of the job.


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