Advanced Threat Detection, Seeing Everyone and Everything

By: | April 16th, 2013

Oncam Grandeye (OCG) a leading security industry company has developed a technology allowing companies in many industries, especially those needing Security and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), to intelligently integrate the entire surveillance process to produce “total situational awareness.” ¬†Knowing everything that is going on without the need for hundreds of cameras reduces costs, improves security, and cuts down on losses.

OCG cameras and technology enable the acquisition and tracking of suspicious behavior and the analysis and verification of potential threats or incidents. The system provides evidence that provides the intelligence necessary to make a measured response.

Oncam Grandeye Technology

Traditional CCTV cameras pan, tilt, and zoom but a 360-degree smart video-surveillance technology covers wide areas with no blind spots, no moving parts, silent operation, and provide powerful signal processing for intelligent image analysis to detect all objects moving through the field of view. OCG has in-camera dewarping (making flat) which includes powerful single-chip image processors that carry out tera operations per second on captured video data. Cameras use multi-megapixel image sensors and high-quality fisheye lenses that provide a hemispherical view of the world together with sophisticated image processing.

The processing system generates multiple views, and images are ordered and configured using a simple event-management system and tools for configuring motion detection, external inputs and other variables. The software can be configured to track multiple targets using analytic software.

Oncam Grandeye works with dozens of leading technology companies including Honeywell, Aimetis, Cathexis, CNL, Dexter System, Digital Barriers, JDS, NICE System and many more.

Companies and institutions using OCG include:

  • Casinos: The Aria Las Vegas – tracks and monitors customers in its world-famous casino environment
  • Critical Infrastructure – keeping an eye on roads, bridges, buildings and gas, oil and nuclear facilities
  • Retail establishments – reduces losses due to theft
  • Commercial Building- casinos, malls, hospitals, schools, colleges and commercial buildings
  • Diamond Mining, Angola – reduces theft of diamonds by diamond mine workers
  • Art Museums – Picasso Exhibit, Abu Dhabi –
  • Parks -makes parks safer 24 x 7
  • City Surveillance – helps identify and track suspicious activity on the street, in subways, etc.

Huge Need for Monitoring and Protection

The US gaming industries total gross revenue in 2012 was $125 billion and there were over 40 million visitors to Las Vegas last year. Oncam Grandeye is helping casinos stay ahead of fraudsters and cheaters. The cruise industry had $16 billion in revenue in 2012 and is growing at a rate of 6% a year. In 2012 retail stores in the US lost $135 billion. These industries are using leading edge security equipment to help cut loses.

Facility and Security Access Monitoring and Alerts:

  • people approaching doors after hours
  • delivery/loading area activity
  • suspicious objects left behind
  • camera tampering
  • unauthorized entry through restricted areas
  • gate monitoring for vehicle size, pedestrian use
  • people and vehicles loitering around facility perimeter
  • tailgating through secure access doorways
  • objects appearing/thrown into the area
  • situational awareness for large outdoor environments
  • critical asset protection
  • detection of potential terrorist activities
  • wide area breaches by people or vehicles
  • restricted area safety and security

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