ACHIRES: One Of The Fastest Two-Legged Robots In The World

By: | October 28th, 2014


Actively Coordinated High-speed Image-processing Running Experiment System (ACHIRES) is one of the fastest two-legged robots in the world, capable of reaching speeds up to 2.6 miles per hour.

Developed by researchers at the University of Tokyo, the robot balances itself in a unique way, with a stabilizing motor and a high speed camera in order to run with good form.

Achires can take 6 steps per second utilizing its 14 centimer long legs, but the robot can only run for about 10 seconds at the moment.

While it may not be able to run for very long, Achires can perform a somersault which you don’t see from most robots.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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