A Look At Google Glass In Action

By: | August 19th, 2013

Putting jokes about “Glassholes” aside for the time being, recent media coverage shows the jury still out on “Google Glass.” A recent article in Forbes argued “Glass” will not become the next iPhone in terms of market size; I’m not sure anyone ever thought that was possible. Forrester Research on the other hand describes Glass as possibly the next great platform for application development. In the meantime, on the ground, Glass is being used for health apps, as a potential Facebook content source, as the platform for a new type of shopping called “G-Commerce” and many others.

IndustryTap has written about Google Glass before: “The Future Is In Your Face” and “VC Ready To Drop $200 Million Into Google Glass“. Uses and applications are increasing and here are some interesting recent applications:

David Russell Schilling

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