5 Ways to Boost Foot Traffic to Your Restaurant

By: | May 3rd, 2024

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Growing a restaurant business is never easy. While there is always a high demand for food, consumers will still need to choose which establishment to pick for their next meal or get-together. You will be facing significant competition, so you need to know how to make your restaurant attractive and generate interest among eager diners. A cozy ambiance and an eclectic menu won’t be enough to lead customers through your door. Here are a few tips to ensure your restaurant gets the attention it deserves.

1.Focus on giving an authentic dining experience

While it’s easy to follow what your competitors are doing to generate more foot traffic, offering unique experiences will give you a greater advantage. So, don’t settle for overused tropes and cliches. Take time to think of a dining concept that will stir customers’ curiosity and make them want to try it out. You can opt to renovate your restaurant so it catches the attention and impresses customers. Be sure to work with a reliable design company such as I-5 Design Build to help you bring your restaurant concept to life! 

2. Set a target

It helps to have a goal in mind if you want your restaurant to thrive. By knowing how much foot traffic you want to get, you can decide on the restaurant marketing tools that will help you reach this target. Other than that, you can also make an accurate estimate of how much revenue your business earns and make improvements that will result in a higher ROI. You just need to know how many customers walk through your door as well as the average amount each customer spends.

3. Get customer feedback

Your customers are your best ally in making your restaurant stand out. Getting feedback from them allows you to determine the changes that matter the most in getting more foot traffic. Consider handing out feedback forms before customers leave. Ask them about the quality of their orders as well as the performance of your staff. You can also ask about the atmosphere and allow them to suggest improvements. Gaining these insights will help you make better decisions that will help you reach your targets.

4. Invest in digital marketing

Small businesses are doubling down on digital marketing, so why shouldn’t you? Not only is it an effective way to raise brand awareness, but digital marketing can also provide potential customers with the information they need before visiting the establishment.

Using social media, you can highlight top picks from your menu and post videos and photos of the restaurant’s interior. You can also win over new customers through your website. You just need a professional to help you build your web presence. If you’re based in Louisiana, look for a digital marketing professional specializing in web development and SEO.

5. Don’t overlook word-of-mouth marketing

While digital marketing offers an easier and cheaper means to reach out to potential customers, it doesn’t replace the benefits that only word-of-mouth marketing is capable of giving. Encourage your customers to refer your restaurant to their friends and family members. In return, you can give them special discount vouchers and freebies that will give them the extra push that they need. 


Leading more customers to your door takes time, but with the right approaches in place, you won’t have to work hard and spend too much just to put your restaurant on the culinary map.


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