5 Ways RAM Tracking Fleet Tracking Solution Transforms Your Business Operations

By: | October 11th, 2023

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The RAM tracking fleet tracking solution is a user-friendly cloud-based GPS-tracking system for drivers and fleet managers. It has driver behavior monitoring, real-time vehicle tracking, fuel management, and geofences, which give you more control over your mobile workers. 

Providing timely remote access to fleet data and insights is imperative to optimize fleet routes, improve driver efficiency, and reduce fuel consumption. 

It is a valuable tool for your business arsenal to maximize the potential of your fleet and personnel, improve customer service, and cut fuel bills. Fleet tracking software has the power to transform the operations of your business.

Five Ways Fleet Trackers Transform Operations 

For a company dealing with the distribution or transportation of products, you heavily rely on your fleet for revenue generation. You must reinforce an efficient working system to ensure your company’s profitability. A GPS tracks your fleet and monitors your drivers, providing usable data to enable you to make adjustments when necessary.

1. Simplifies Your Management 

A RAM Tracking fleet tracking solution simplifies fleet management by generating and sharing real-time driver and fleet location data. Getting updated data on your vehicle locations makes it easier for dispatchers to assign jobs to the nearest vehicles.

GPS trackers improve one of the most complex parts of fleet management—monitoring driver behaviors. The systems generate and share real-time reports of idling and speeding drivers by transmitting the information for remote monitoring. Accurate data on driver behaviors lets you take precautionary measures to prevent accidents and improve overall company performance. 

With that, you can enforce viable fleet policies and regulations, including ELD and HOS mandates. Additionally, you can quickly re-route your fleet to avoid congested and slower roads, save time, and improve service delivery.

2. Increase Customer Satisfaction 

Fleet trackers are an invaluable investment for a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction. Investing in fleet tracking systems helps customers to track their service requests and deliveries. Your fleet management team uses data generated by fleet trackers to alert customers about deliveries and the arrival of service technicians. 

Similarly, access to real-time location and status of your fleet ensures you can address delays on time. You can inform your customers about changes in delivery time, protecting your reputation and giving them a sense of assurance. You serve more satisfied clients by making customer satisfaction the center of your product or service delivery business.

3. Fuel Management For Cost Optimization 

Idling, unhealthy driving habits, and fuel theft are reasons your company records higher fleet management costs. Sharp braking, acceleration, and over-speeding lead to extreme fuel consumption. A GPS fleet tracker engineered for modern-day fleet managers and drivers can help you optimize costs and manage your fleet fuel.

These fleet management systems have fuel card integration, allowing you to monitor fuel purchases to detect unauthorized fueling, abnormal fuel consumption patterns, and fuel theft. Some GPS fleet tracking solutions generate comprehensive reports of fuel consumption and related costs for each vehicle. The geofencing feature ensures drivers only drive within the predestined routes.

4. Improve Vehicle Management 

Advanced and efficient RAM tracking systems offer the resources and data for proactive fleet maintenance management. For instance, a GPS tracker records diagnostic information, vehicle mileage, and engine hours. Such valuable data is needed to schedule routine maintenance, including engine tune-ups, oil changes, and tire adjustments. 

The benefit of a proactive GPS-tracker-informed maintenance approach for vehicles is the guarantee of maintaining your fleet at optimal working conditions. Many fleet trackers detect and report vehicle issues in real-time, sending alerts to fleet managers instantly. Therefore, you alert your vehicle repair team to address the problem promptly, preventing the likelihood of downtimes, costly repairs, and loss of income.

5. Higher Driving Standards 

RAM tracking solutions contribute to better driving standards by promoting driver accountability. First, the trackers collect data related to driving behaviors, notifying you of cases of rapid acceleration, speeding, and harsh braking. When all drivers in your fleet know they are under tracking and their behaviors are reported to the management, they will work harder to practice safe and responsible driving.

Constant feedback and reminders about driver misbehaviors make them realize their mistakes and take necessary measures to correct them. The result is usually road safety and reduced accidents, ultimately lowering insurance costs.


You might read a lot online about streamlining the operations of your fleet service and product delivery business. But have you ever considered what a small device like a fleet tracker can do when combined with efficient software solutions? Your fleet management team faces many challenges to set things right and get everything working according to the rules.

However, addressing issues like driver behaviors and performance without the right GPS tracker poses a significant challenge. RAM GPS tracking solutions actively monitor your drivers, collecting data about their actions and locations. You can use such data to manage your fleet operations to improve efficiency, reduce operation costs, and improve per-driver performance.


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