3D Printed Robot is Powered By a Sea Slug’s Mouth Muscle

By: | July 24th, 2016

Victoria Webster

Robots have come a long way, not only being 3D printed these days but now being powered by animal muscles.

Scientists from Case Western Reserve University utilized a sea slug’s mouth muscle and linked it to two-inch 3D printed parts to create a “biohybrid robot.”

The 3D printed robot is capable of moving forward at an extremely slow speed of 0.4 centimeters a minute after being stimulated via electric shock.

“We’re creating a robot that can manage different tasks than an animal or a purely manmade robot could,” said doctoral candidate Victoria Quinn.

Taking into account the fact that sea slugs are adaptable to different temperatures, researchers hope these biohybrid robots can eventually be used for ocean exploration missions.

Marshall Smith

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