What Is The Future Of Company Secretary In An AI-driven World?

By: | September 28th, 2023

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The threat of emerging technology is one that many professionals across different sectors have to grapple with. Many experts in different fields always worry that new technology will render them obsolete. That explains why the recent craze around artificial intelligence and AI tools has become problematic for professionals such as company secretaries.

The relationship between company secretaries and AI doesn’t have to be that hot-tempered. Multi-faceted AI tools can give workers the help they need to make their work easier. But it is also understandable why many company secretaries might be worried about AI interfering with their work. That is what our conversation today aims to address.

We will cover everything you need to know about AI technology, the role of a company secretary in this new AI world, and what you need to do as a company secretary to make AI work for you.

Understanding AI Technology

Most company secretaries worried about AI don’t understand what AI is. The most prevalent understanding of AI depends on the scary things people see in science fiction movies and futuristic TV shows. The true meaning of AI is straightforward. Artificial intelligence includes a set of tools that mimic real-life human reasoning capabilities and can learn or adapt to situations on their own. 

As you would expect, AI is only limited to the confines within which its creator put it. However, some researchers think it is possible for AI to surpass human intelligence by 2040, but these allegations have been refuted by many other researchers.

The Role Of A Company Secretary

A company secretary is simply the liaison between a company, its shareholders, stakeholders, and regulatory authorities. A company secretary prepares the company to comply with all its regulatory requirements while informing the shareholders and stakeholders about the ongoings inside the organization. 

Company secretaries play a pivotal role in an organization and require the best tools to function effectively.

How Company Secretaries Can Leverage AI Technology

The question of whether AI is a threat or an ally depends on how you perceive it. If you pay attention to AI’s benefits, you can see different ways you can explore to make AI serve you well as a company secretary. Here are just a few you can explore.

Automation Of Tedious Tasks

While the work of a company secretary can be exciting at times, most of the duties of our company secretary are routine. Doing routine tasks can be very tedious for the mind. You might make many mistakes if you are not completely alert to the nitty gritty of the tasks. And you should know a simple mistake a company secretary makes could devastate the company.

Company secretaries can use AI tools to automate tasks they are accustomed to doing. That leaves the sharp-eyed company secretary responsible for more critical and intensive tasks. That way, AI would serve a crucial role in the company secretary’s work.

Predictive Analysis

A significant portion of the company secretary’s work involves preparing the company for any risky incidents that might arise due to the organization’s operations. 

Managing such tasks as a company secretary requires extreme caution since the organization relies on the secretary for everything to work well. A company secretary can use predictive analysis features of different AI tools to preempt risks and analyze them in a way that has never been seen before.

If you are a company secretary who wants to be better at predicting risky events, then AI is your best friend!

Management Of Data And Records

Company secretaries can rely on AI to manage data and records within an organization. Managing records can be a simple task. However, making mistakes when managing records can put the organization in a predicament. 

An intelligent company secretary can program an AI tool to optimize the best data collection and management procedure within the organization to improve those processes. Remember, records can come with an extra regulatory burden. You need to inform your stakeholders about everything going on in the organization. How can you do that if you don’t have good records?

Drafting Of Notes

One of the best features of AI is speech recognition. That is why AI tools can help you take notes effectively during meetings. Have you ever been in a meeting where many things were happening, and you couldn’t keep track? You can use the speech recognition features of an AI tool to capture the information in a meeting and reduce your work to only counter-checking the notes that the AI came up with.

Simpler Troubleshooting And Research

Finally, AI tools can help you troubleshoot and research different organizational problems effectively. As a company secretary, solving problems is a significant part of your work. That is why working with AI can be paramount to your effectiveness within the organization.

Bottom Line

As technology continues to advance, so should you adapt. AI technology is here to stay. The better and the sooner you know how to leverage these tools in your work as a company secretary, the easier it will be for you to work effectively with the new generation. 

AI tools are not here to replace company secretaries. They are necessary to complement their work and make them more effective. You should be forward-thinking if you all hope to survive the new world. Embrace AI today and watch your productivity increase!


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