Wish They Had This Nitro Engine Powered Pencil Sharpener When I Was In School

By: | December 28th, 2015

YouTube/Mike and Lauren

What do you do when you find a nitro engine RC car sitting in a garage?

Turn it into a nitro engine powered pencil sharpener, of course!

The result is one of the highest performing and efficient pencil sharpeners I’ve ever seen, and one of the most unique inventions, to be honest.

It may not be practical, but DIY YouTuber Mike Moyer doesn’t seem to care.

I really wish my school had a nitro engine powered pencil sharpener back in the day because nothing would have been more fun to a young boy than an obnoxiously loud, high-powered pencil sharpener you could crank up in the middle of class.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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