Wind Turbines That Predict Which Way the Wind Blows

By: | September 13th, 2013

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Power generated by a wind turbine mainly depends on the wind speed but due to fluctuating wind speed and direction, wind turbines generate power inconsistently. Inconsistency of power generation coupled with fluctuating energy demand is the biggest challenge to incorporate the wind power into existing power grids. Wind farm operators often end up wasting power generation capacity of the turbines to avoid potential damage to power grids from spikes in power supply.

Researchers of National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy at the Technical University of Denmark (Risø DTU) have been working on designing a wind turbine that can predict the wind direction. They have already completed successful tests on a wind turbine with a laser-based anemometer built into the spinner. The results show that this laser system can predict the wind direction, gusts of wind and the turbulence.

With the help of this new laser technology, wind turbines will be able to adjust their blades by predicting wind before it hits the blades. Wind turbines will be able to use the wind more efficiently leading to increased electricity generation. The wind turbines will operate better and last longer by making the blades cope better with the wind irregularities.

In recent years, wind energy use has grown significantly due to global focus on renewable energy and climate change challenges. This new Danish laser technology can significantly increase the wind energy production worldwide.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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