What trailer types are there for heavy duty trucks?

By: | July 27th, 2023

Heavy duty trucks are used for carrying bulky loads in various industries like construction, agriculture, and so on. These trucks are generally 33001 lbs in weight or heavier. Trailers can be used with these trucks to increase their loading capacity. 

There are various types of heavy duty trailers available in the market. Every trailer is designed to carry a specific capacity of weight. So, let’s discuss the types of trailers that are perfect for heavy duty trucks.

Types of Trailers Available for Heavy Duty Trucks

There are multiple types of dump trailers in the market. The ones  that can be used with heavy duty trucks are as follows: 

Flatbed Trailer

The most common type of trailer used for carrying heavy freight is the flatbed trailer. The reason behind the popularity of these trailers is their versatility. These trailers can carry loads on various surfaces. 

For instance, these trailers can carry load openly, on the sides, on the flat tip, and even in the rear end. So, these can be a great choice for starters. 

Flatbed trailers can carry up to 48000 pounds of weight. They are about 48 to 43 feet long. Flatbed trailers carry cargos that are up to 8.5 feet in length.

RGN Trailer

RGN or removable gooseneck trailers are another type of trailers that can be used for carrying heavy cargo. The specialty of these trailers is the attached hydraulic-powered gooseneck. 

The attached gooseneck can be detached from the trailer to create a drop-down slope. The slope makes it easy to load or offload the trailers with cargo. 

RGN trailers often come with extra trailer options making them more flexible in terms of the cargo loading capacity. These trailers can carry up to 42000 pounds of weight without the extra or stretch trailer. 

Lowboy Trailer

Low-boy trailers consist of two drops. The drops are located after the gooseneck and before the wheels, respectively. These drops make it easy for the deck to go lower in comparison to other trailers available in the market. 

Lowboy trailers can carry heavy industrial equipment, including bulldozers. If you are looking for a trailer that can carry about 40000 pounds of weight, these trailers can be a great choice.

Step-deck Trailer

Step-deck trailers are among the most versatile heavy duty truck trailers out there. These can carry a variety of loads without the need for extra permits. 

A step-deck trailer does not have a roof or any restrictive side. Since these trailers are closer to the surface, there is no need to lift the forklift much while loading. So, these trailers are easy and safe to use. 

Stretch Single & Double Drop Deck Trailer

Stretch Single trailers or double drop deck trailers are meant for loading long cargo. These trailers can carry cargo that weighs up to 45000 pounds. The length of these trailers can range between 30 – 65 feet. 

The stretch single drop deck trailer can load cargo up to 10 feet in length. At the same time, the double drop trailer can load goods up to 12 feet long. 

The flexibility of these trailers makes them an ideal choice for carrying heavy loads. 

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Trailer for a Heavy Duty Truck?

As mentioned above, there are several options of trailers that you can go for. However, choosing the right one among these options depends on the type of freight and its size. 

It is also important to consider your budget and safety standards. Most importantly, it depends on the type of industry the company using the trucks caters to.


Whether it is a flatbed trailer or a stretch single & double drop deck trailer, each has its specific purpose and capacity. When choosing a trailer for a heavy duty truck, consider the weight of the cargo to deliver. 


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