What Makes Jungle Gym A Perfect Addition To Backyard Playground?

By: | October 2nd, 2023

If your backyard is lacking something, maybe it’s time to invest in a jungle gym, especially if you have little ones. These play-safe playgrounds teach toddlers how to climb and crawl while embracing new body movements. 

With hundreds of jungle gym combinations to choose from, there is a style and size to suit all backyards. The best part? As your kids grow, these gyms can be added to and accessorized and are proven to improve coordination, muscle tone, balance, and, most importantly, confidence.

Read on to learn more about what else makes a jungle gym the perfect addition to your backyard.

1. The Health Benefits

Playing outside has numerous health benefits, and jungle gyms are a great way to encourage your kids to embrace the great outdoors. 

Aside from the absorption of vitamin D, children who are given access to a safe outdoor environment to crawl, climb, jump, and run in can develop and practice their motor skills. 

This helps them improve their hand-eye coordination and increases muscle strength. And that’s not all, studies show exercise and fresh air are good for the brain! 

Jungle gym sets, comprising cargo nets, Roman rings, jungle ropes, monkey bars, and swings, provide the perfect outdoor environment for active kids! Especially those wishing to improve their mental and physical abilities. 

2. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When considering home jungle gym kits for your backyard, this isn’t a case of one size fits all. There are a range of configurations and sizes to choose from, meaning you can pick a play center suited to your home and family, allowing you to take your backyard to a new level.

An added advantage? These playstations, which are crafted from double galvanized steel, are extremely easy to set up. They’ve also been designed to withstand all weather conditions, including 300 hours in pouring rain, 3,000 hours in harsh sun, and 1,000 hours in 18 mph winds. 

3. A Creative Approach

A jungle gym setup is a great deal more exciting than grass or yard alone. Such a setup is the perfect play environment for children who struggle to concentrate, especially at school.

Kids boasting a great deal of energy and imagination strive in an outdoor setting, such as a jungle gym. This stimulates your child’s natural creativity whilst reducing stress.

A jungle gym, unlike conventional play equipment, turns your backyard into an adventure haven that is both challenging and exciting. The best part? These outdoor adventure set-ups can be tailored to your home and your kid’s specific abilities and interests.

The result? A safe and stimulating play station designed to help your children to embrace movement and learning. 

4. Something for Everyone

From monkey bars to swing ropes to sandboxes and climbing walls, there is something for everyone in a jungle gym.

Encouraging your children to play with their siblings, friends (and even parents) in such a set-up improves their physical activity. It will also encourage them to share and work together as a team.

This is hugely advantageous for kids who don’t get on with their peers. Why? It will force them to include them in games, create imaginary scenarios, and use creativity for fun.

5. An Outdoor Play Station for All Ages

A jungle gym can start small and be added to over the years. As your kids begin to grow, you may wish to buy slightly more challenging accessories, such as Ninja Quest Monkey Bars, a boxing bag, or a gym rope.

With so many accessories to choose from, you certainly won’t have to worry about your kids getting bored! These add-ons make this piece of kit extremely versatile, allowing parents to tailor it to their child’s specific requirements and interests. 

6. Mental Advantages

As well as improving muscle tone and balance skills, a jungle gym promises to heighten mental development. Kids will be prompted to use their sensory and motor skills when playing in a jungle gym.

Outdoor play is crucial for the healthy development of the brain. Researchers state that the frontal cortex, responsible for problem-solving and controlling emotions, enters activation mode during playtime.

Playing outdoors forces the brain to make neurotransmitter connections, critical to a child’s brain development.

Occupational therapists certify jungle gym play as one of the most beneficial forms of developmental play structure. It encourages and develops cognitive skills such as creativity, focus, attention, and memory. 


Jungle gym play is beneficial to children both mentally and physically. Aside from encouraging little ones to embrace the great outdoors, it helps them to use their bodies and minds.

On top of this, it takes kids away from technology and encourages them to engage in real adventures.

The bottom line? A jungle gym is easy to set up, maintenance-free, and suited to various ages. This engaging outdoor experience encourages physical activity, heightens creativity, and boosts problem-solving skills. In addition, it improves cognitive development and provides a safe and social space for interaction and play. 


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