Making Your Tennessee Contractor Business More Appealing to Clients 

By: | August 16th, 2023

Construction is a massive industry in the United States. Contractors play an important role in the economy, from massive skyscrapers and thruways down to residential home upgrades. Whether you own a large general contractor brand or you are a solopreneur that is trying to build a brand for home improvement in Tennessee, your business relies on attracting clients to your services.

There are many ways to make your contracting business in Tennessee more appealing to clients. To generate revenue, you must convince them to hire your firm for projects. Here are some strategies to increase your client intake by making the brand more appealing.

Proper Education

Clients do not want to hire anyone for construction projects, no matter the scale, if the person or firm is not qualified to complete those projects. Experience and education are two principles that must be present within your contracting business. As a solopreneur, it is simple to pursue your certification; there are plenty of courses to help you prepare for renewing your Tennessee contractor’s license, ensuring that you’re ready to go on test day. For general contractors, you must think more about your hiring practices and properly vet the workers added to your team and your business partners that are part of your network. Make sure that all parties have the proper training so that they can complete your clients’ projects and reflect well on your brand.

Be Open About Your Process

Being a good communicator is a necessity for contractors. Clients who feel in the dark about your process are less likely to hire you. If you are a strong communicator and have a clear-cut process for project management, then this element will be appealing to potential clients. They want to see that it is easy to problem-solve with you if issues arise during construction. It is also comforting if clients feel like they can ask any questions and are consistently updated about the progress of the project by the contractor. Be open and honest about your process and always promote consistent communication to make clients happy. 

Professional Billing and Project Tracking Practices

Maintaining professionalism is key to attracting clients. When they see that you have detailed processes and an air of professionalism, they will feel more secure about trusting you with their project. For example, project tracking software can keep the whole team organized, which is incredibly valuable for clients. A formal billing process for construction brands that is easy to understand and accepts many forms of payment also demonstrates professionalism. These traits will cast a positive light on your brand as one that is professional and organized. 

Trained on Green Initiatives

Energy efficiency and environmental impact are two important concepts in the construction world, both commercially and residentially. Many property owners prioritize efficient construction projects that lower their utility costs and/or reduce the property’s environmental impact. With these shifting client priorities, your contracting business should be embracing greener initiatives. Make sure that you and your team are well-versed in green construction practices. Go through training so that you are equipped to install efficient products like solar panels or better windows for sustainable home construction. The ability to provide these services will make your contracting brand more appealing to modern customers. 

Incorporate Satisfied Client Reviews into Marketing

Contracting is a unique business. Although customer reviews are important for most industries, construction is particularly dependent on them because of the large investment required by clients. If they are going to spend thousands or even millions of dollars on a building project, they need to make sure the company they hire is qualified. When you have happy customers, ask them to provide feedback in the form of reviews. Share these reviews along with pictures on your website or via social media. Contracting services are usually very visual, so before and after pictures of projects can do wonders for your marketing campaigns, especially when combined with raving reviews from clients. 

How Will You Guarantee Consistent Work for Your Contracting Business?

Since contractors are completely reliant on projects to make money, you must maintain a steady pipeline of clients and projects on the schedule. However, this does not happen automatically. This is why making your firm more appealing to potential customers is critical. Many construction projects are one-time deals from those clients, so repeat business is not always a sustainable strategy for growth.

The strategies mentioned above can make your brand appealing to potential clients, filling your pipeline with ongoing projects. 

Ensure that the team’s education and qualifications are up to standard. Be open about your project process so clients know what they are signing up for. Have professional operations to make life easier for you and your clients. Stay cognizant of modern green initiatives to please clients that want to save money and the environment. Finally, embrace your happy clients and what they have to say to use for marketing purposes. Together, these strategies can propel your Tennessee contracting business toward long-term success. 


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