After Traveling 2,600 Miles Across India, The iglide Car Enters China On It’s World Tour!

By: | April 24th, 2014

Two months ago, we wrote a story on how igus stripped a smart car and installed 56 of their iglide bearings in preparation for a 65,000 mile world tour.

You can check out that story HERE.

All to show that after 30 years of manufacturing and distribution prosperity, iglide plastic bearings are superior to metal and they were willing to travel around the world to prove it.

Last time we checked in, the iglide car was making the rounds in India and drove more than 2,600 miles in 5 weeks!

Now, we are excited to announce that on March 13th, the iglide car reached the Shanghai Tower in China!

Check out the incredible 2,067 foot tall building from the iglide car’s point of view:

Upon arriving in Shanghai, the iglide car was taken to the shop and had its fluids replaced.

The planned route through China is approximately 3,700 miles and includes going from Shanghai to Beijing, to the Great Wall of China, and back to Shanghai.

In Qingdao:

Qingdao lies across the Shangdong Peninsule and looks out to the Yellow Sea. Qingdao is a major seaport, naval base, and industrial center, and is named China’s most livable city.

At the Yellow Sea in Qingdao:

In Tai’an China, igus found a new customer in Mr. Ji, who was searching for ways to improve the quality of his labeling machines, as he is trying to sell more abroad. One main disadvantage of his machines before finding igus was that they had to be lubricated regularly. One day, he decided to substitute some of the metal bearings he was using with iglide J bearings. Success!

Mr. Ji also said that there was an unexpected side effect of switching to iglide, with the special plastic bearings he was able to reduce the noise of his machines.

At a school of Shaolin Kung Fu:

Shaolin Kung Fu refers to a collection of Chinese martial arts that claim affiliation with the Shaolin Monastery. Legend has it Shaolin Kung Fu has been around since the year 527 when a Buddhist monk from South India, named Bodhidharma, cultivated his fighting skills in the Shaolin Monastery.

Arriving in Beijing:

Beijing is the political, academic and economic capital of China. 

Beijing has hundreds of manufacturing associations, unions, and other interest groups. Beijing also has a strong presence in the science and technology R&D industry. With 79 universities, enrolling over 537,000 students annually, 27 economically incentivized areas, and 306 scientific research institutions conducting R&D activities.

Source: Understand-China

On April 2nd, surrounded by blooming trees, dozens of customers had the chance to get a closer look at igus products as well as receive advice for their applications.

Many of the customers work in the design department of the biggest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in China, including Mr. Wei who we had a chance to interview!

It was interesting hearing an interview in China, in Dutch, being sub-titled in English. Mr. Wei highlighted the advantages of igus products for their applications as lower cost and easier assembly.

Look for more updates as the iglide car enters South Korea!

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