Tips For Construction Project Management

By: | January 18th, 2023

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Construction site project management is challenging, and keeping your teams aligned, coordinated, and productive is a top priority. Performing construction project management well can help you meet and complete targets on time. 

Ready to learn about the latest tips, tools, and technologies for construction project management? Keep reading as we discuss the best technologies and practices to help you forge an efficient project management strategy for your construction site. And don’t forget to consult our glossary for quick reference to key terms and concepts.

Keep reading as we discuss the best technologies and practices to help you forge an efficient project management strategy for your construction site. 

Protecting Your Equipment And Site

Not only can theft cost your business money, but it can hinder productivity and put a spanner in the works for your project management. 

Keeping your site secure can help ensure your project management strategy runs smoothly and can make daily building operations more convenient for construction staff – maximizing productivity.

Here are the best tools to implement for your project management strategy:

  • RFID inventory tracking – you need equipment to maintain productivity. An RFID inventory tracking system lets you know who has logged out each piece of equipment, allowing for more security and preventing employee theft on your site.

  • Mobile access control – keycards and fobs can be stolen, and your employees are far 

less likely to lose their mobile devices. A mobile access control system allows your employees to download access credentials, which means they won’t need to wait to be onboarded to the system, which could hinder productivity. Also, your employees can enter the building quickly with a wave of their hand, which will trigger remote communication with their device to unlock the door. Utilizing keyless entry solutions in higher traffic areas, such as elevator access control systems, allow for quicker entry and fewer delays in productivity.

If you want to improve productivity on-site, you need to ensure your team’s equipment remains secure. Consider implementing these technologies to improve site security.

Implementing Construction Management Software

Construction management software helps you finish your projects on time and within budget. Construction management software offers the following features that can incrementally improve your project management:

  • Budgeting and forecasting – you can view real-time data regarding your budgets and forecasted spending, allowing you to make the best decisions to keep your project moving under a budget.

  • Transaction tracking – gain more oversight into your construction project spending with real-time expenditure tracking and budget-to-actual cost comparisons.

  • Centralizing data – you can connect your teams and gain more oversight into your financial processes by approving job invoices, payables, and RFPs on a single platform. Eliminating data silos goes a long way in preventing errors due to a lack of insight.

  • Contract management – you can automate processes for contract management using construction management processes. Creating approval workflows for bids, budgets, revisions, contracts, and change orders will help you to streamline project management and reduce manual input.

You’ll feel more in control of your budgets and approval requests by automating processes and unifying your project management data. You won’t need to log into several different platforms to gain insight into your expenditure and contracts. Accessing all of this information in one place can be highly beneficial.

“Utilize a collaborative BIM platform to ensure that everyone involved in the construction project has access to the same data and information. This will help streamline communication and ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the process. Having data in real-time is so effective in managing construction projects! Also, BIM cuts down on material waste by providing more accurate measurements for the procurement team.” Jordan Woolf | Huntsville Roofing Solutions.

Maintain Communication

Communication and collaboration is vital in project management. Your construction team needs constant access to guidance and advice from their seniors. To ensure construction projects run smoothly, you can implement mobile-based communication tools.

Using text or email to communicate with your teams leaves room for confusion. Implementing a mobile-based communication platform allows your teams to communicate in group forums and call one another with clarity. You will document all communications in one place for easy reference.

Upskill Your Team

Your team is only as strong as your least knowledgeable worker. So, make an effort to upskill your team. This way, leaders can delegate tasks to other employees and share work more effectively to increase productivity and time efficiency. Taking the time to upskill your team can allow you to increase each team member’s range of responsibility and create multi-faceted employees.


Streamlined and efficient project management can help you to meet your targets, manage your contracts, and adhere to your budget more effectively. Innovation drives excellent project management and considering new ways to enhance your processes can significantly benefit your strategy. Consider implementing the practices and tools above to advance your project management skills.



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