Thomson Airways Launches a Five-Year Plan to Improve Family Flying

By: | October 11th, 2014

Image courtesy Thomson Airways

British airline company Thomson Airways has announced a five-year plan for its products and services designed to “change the face of holiday flying” for families.

The company’s Boeing 737 Max aircraft will feature a social seating area, as seen above, along with kids’ club for children to hang out in and an upgraded in-flight entertainment system.

Thomson Airways also plans to invent a “duo seating” area on the plane for couples which would essentially be a table for two for sharing champagne or even playing cards with business associates.


Last, but not least, there will be a snack bar where all the food is themed around the destination of the aircraft to get you started before your trip.

A Thomson spokeswoman said: “The seating concepts are in development and we’re looking at these for the arrival of our 737MAX aircrafts in 2018.”

Marshall Smith

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