The Pros of Using a Relocation Agency for Your Employees

By: | June 23rd, 2020

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Relocating your team to a new workplace is a big move. This requires detailed planning so that your business can still operate smoothly and the wellbeing of your employees are taken care of.

When the big news broke out, you may have gotten a mixed bag of reactions from your employees. Some are delighted with joy, while some may not be as enthusiastic seeing that they have to consider a lot of non-work-related issues. 

Either way, you will need to manage them. If you have a self-sufficient HR team, that’s great! 

But if not, you should consider hiring an employee relocation agency such as

In this article, we’ll take a look at how hiring an employee relocation company can be a great investment.

Improved Efficiency

Relocating your workforce is a logistical nightmare. Think about the back-and-forth discussions you will need to have with an employee about finding the right movers, scheduling the moving dates into their new homes, and a last-minute change of plans because their mortgage wasn’t approved. 

Now, multiply this with the number of people under your employment, each with their unique set of concerns.

If you don’t have a powerhouse of an HR team, it’s up to you to deal with these issues. It’s much more efficient to hire an industry expert that will act as a single point of contact for your employees. 

This way, the experts will answer all of your employees’ questions and you can focus on other productive activities.

Finding the Best Home to Move to

Physically moving your employees is only a small part of your equation. If you have senior employees, they may have families to think about. Where are their kids going to school? Are there any reliable hospitals around? And where can they find an affordable home quickly?

Sure, you can compensate your employees for their troubles, but it still doesn’t resolve any of the stress. By hiring an industry expert, they can look for the best solutions for your employees on your behalf. 

Since they’re connected with different vendors and realtors in many locations, they can help your employees look for housing in safe neighborhoods, near good schools, and health facilities. 

Your employees don’t need to do all the legwork, they just need to say yes or no to these suggestions.

Worry-Free Transportation

If you’re hiring a reliable relocation company, they’ll have their own fleet of trucks and dedicated movers to pack and unpack your employees’ belongings. The great thing about this is that your employees will have peace of mind and confidence that all their items will arrive safely.

It’s important that you question the company of your choice regarding this matter. Some companies subcontract the moving tasks to a third-party company, and you have to foot the bill for marked-up prices, with no guarantee that the belongings will arrive safely. 

Also, for those that need it, some relocation companies may offer storage units for personal belongings. This is especially useful if the employee is downsizing and needs a temporary place to store unnecessary items.


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