Tell Your Story To An Engaged Industrial Audience.


TYS QuotesWhy Tell Stories?

Stories are easy to remember, easy to share and easily communicate features and benefits, even for complex products.

We have found that real customer success stories resonate with other companies and typically lead to increased business.
Stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone.

Studies show that a story is more likely to persuade, and when data and story are used together, your message will resonate and move your target audience to action.

At IndustryTap we help you tell your story in a way that communicates your message to an engaged industrial audience.


** Quick Tip **
Our data shows that application stories engage customers upto 4 times more than product announcements.


Tell Your Story To Our Audience

Word of mouth tells your story one to one and consistently ranks in the top methods for securing new customers.

At IndustryTap we develop and broadcast your story to our huge industrial audience. Your story amplified!

Tell your story about how your company helps customersĀ solve problems and achieve goals.

Story Types:

  • Situation, Complication & Solution
  • Customer Success
  • Innovation & Exciting News
  • Interesting Project

We do it all for you!
Develop, Write and Promote.

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