Swiss Engineer Christoph Laimer Built the First 3D Printed Mechanical Watch

By: | January 17th, 2016

Christoph Laimer

In another major step forward for the 3D printing industry, Swiss engineer Christoph Laimer has created what many are calling the first 3D printed watch (with tourbillon).

While it’s got a ways to go before anyone would actually count on it to tell time accurately, which I hear is important for a watch to be able to do, the 3D printed parts that make up the device are generating the most excitement.

Namely, because every single part of the watch is comprised of plastic 3D printed parts except for a few metal pins holding the 3D printed mechanical watch together.

Of course, all of the parts being made of plastic lend to a bit of the watch’s inaccuracy which can be fixed by simply making more key components metal, but that was not the objective in this particular case.

The first ever 3D printed mechanical watch wanted to hone in on one thing, and that’s 3D printing.

The coolest thing about the watch is the fact that Laimer has provided the source files for it over on Autodesk’s 3D printing hub, and anyone can download them—for free.

If it’s any indication of the possibilities of 3D printing, then the future looks bright.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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