Super Thin Plastic Laptops Sturdier Than Metal

By: | September 3rd, 2013

Ultra Thin PCs

Ultra Thin PCs (Image Courtesy

Thinner, Lighter, More Portable, Tougher = More Productive

PC design engineers are forever seeking ways to improve the products they make. These days with all the breakthroughs in materials, CAD modeling, electronics and software across so many industries, it is no wonder there are new methods for making laptop computers. Intel Corporation has hired former Boeing Corporation aircraft desigers and engineers to quicken the adoption of novel design techniques.

IndustryTap has reported on new ultrathin smart phones that will soon be possible due to breakthroughs in battery design and construction as well as an article on a new innovation in cooling technology that will end the days of uncomfortably hot laptop computers and accelerate the adoption of “razor thin” laptops.

From A Facelift To Reworking “The Guts” Of A Computer

In a modern day version of “harakiri” PC designers are cutting out hard drive, motherboard, and other components that have made up of the guts of a computer for decades and redesigning components with new materials, in new configurations, saving material and energy.

Thinnest Laptops

  1. Lenovo IdeaPad – 2.9 lbs., 0.6 in. thick
  2. Apple MacBook Thunderbolt – 2.85 lbs., 0.6 in. thick
  3. Samsung Series 9 – 2.9 lbs., 0.6 in. thick

The new ultrathin, ultra-sturdy laptops will cost from about $699-$1000.

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