Stanford’s OceanOne Humanoid Robot Dives Down to Explore Abandoned Shipwreck

By: | April 30th, 2016

Frederic Osada and Teddy Seguin/DRASSM

When Stanford engineers aren’t using specially designed wind tunnels to study bird flight or proving Spider-Man is plausible by developing gecko gloves, they are building humanoid robots capable of exploring the depths of the oceans.

Stanford’s new OceanOne humanoid robot, powered by artificial intelligence and haptic feedback systems, was specifically created for sea exploration, but not without the help of a human operator for the time being.

Honestly, the human operator thing makes me feel better because something about these humanoid robots just come off a bit creepy since they’re so close to the real thing as far as robotics go.

The OceanOne humanoid robot is outfitted with a multitude of cameras, enabling the operator to see what it sees, and also utilizes haptic feedback so that the operator can feel what the robot is feeling and also precisely control its arms.

Obviously, the dexterity, nimbleness, and compactness of the OceanOne humanoid robot is extremely unique, making it ideal for exploring delicate shipwrecks or coral reefs underwater.

Humanoid robots can do all the deep ocean exploring they want, though. I’m not mad… There’s way scarier stuff down there than the robots themselves.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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