Special UN Climate Summit 2014: Short Opening Film “What’s Possible”

By: | September 25th, 2014

Climate Summit

Climate Summit (Image Courtesy www.shenidi.com)

As the world struggles with terrorism and economic instability a Special UN Climate Summit kicked off in New York City on Tuesday as the nations of the world struggle to forge a consensus on what to do about climate change. This comes as countries including China, India and Russia hesitate to institute reforms that would curb economic growth.

The following is a global map showing the heaviest emitters of CO2.

Global CO2 Map

Global CO2 Map (Image Courtesy www.un.org & Asefi Najafabady Etal

The following 3 minute film was presented at the opening and more information can be found by visiting Takepart. IndustryTap will be reporting on the summit when and if merited in coming days and weeks.

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