Songbird 500SR: Next Generation UAV for Search & Rescue

By: | March 12th, 2016

When search and rescue operations get underway in an area with difficult terrain, the best first tactic is to use a UAV to survey the area. As the Songbird 500SR specs show, the UAV has a flight time of one hour and a range of 40 miles (65km) on one charge.

Songbird 500SR is equipped with a live video camera, a video transmitting system, head tracking, and capability of transmitting to a monitor or FPV-glasses. Songbird comes with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), advanced aerodynamic design, and most importantly, advanced pilot skills are unnecessary. The UAV will also return to base when fuel is near half full.

Songbird’s 1.1 lbs (500 grams) may sound low, but that keeps it in line with its optimization for a single sensor camera.

Following are specifications for the Songbird 500SR:

  • autopilot (Click&Fly)
  • one man handling
  • vertical take-Off & landing (VTOL)
  • geo fencing
  • return on low fuel
  • water and dust resistant IP 54
  • load without battery 500g
  • max. takeoff weight (MTOW) 4.800g
  • mounting < 10 Min
  • demounting < 10 Min
  • flight time up to 1 h
  • max. flight speed 120 km/h
  • range per charge 65 km
  • area coverage per battery charge up to 15 km²
  • max. wind speed 20 m/s
  • SONGBIRD sizes (wide, length) 2.45m x 1.56m

Following is a video of the maiden flight of the Songbird 500SR:

Songbird 500SR: Next Generation UAV for Search & Rescue

David Russell Schilling

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