Siemens: New Innovations Presented at the 2022 SPS Trade Fair

By: | November 17th, 2022

Image Credit Siemens at SPS22: Digital solutions for more sustainability

The German conglomerate company Siemens AG presented its new technical innovations for achieving better production sustainability at the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) fair, organized in Nuremberg, Germany from 8-10 November 2022.

The first innovation being presented is the Analyze MyDrives Edge application, which is an already available product.

This AI-based app is calculating data and shows the levels of energy consumption and operating costs of a drive system (therefore securing transparency), as well as the carbon emission emitted. Additionally, the settings of the application can be further optimized and aligned with the customer’s needs. Siemens also presented the open and digital business platform, called Siemens Xcelerator, previously in June 2022.

The main goal of Xcelerator Share is to achieve faster and simpler digital transformation of companies. Customers of all sizes can therefore benefit from the acceleration of the digital transformation.

The next innovation from Siemens, included another Compact DC-DC Converter, meaning that three such converters are available now, used for connecting batteries or ultracapacitors to industrial drive systems. The new converter called Sinamics DCP 250 kW offers a maximum output voltage of 1200 V and is capable to answer the increased demands of the automotive industry. This product is ready to use and does not require any other engineering. Also, they can be connected in parallel, for achieving more power capacity.

Other interesting innovations presented at the SPS fair are Partner Ecosystem – a partnership between Siemens and five other companies, and a prototype of a private 5G infrastructure, with which companies can have their own local 5G network. This product is expected to be available in 2023. In addition, the company presented new versions of the web-based process control system Simatic PCS neo version 4.0 (capable of projects up to 64 000 objects and 56 controllers), the new Simatic S7-4100 controller generation, and the Simatic CN 4100 communication node.


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