See Through Engine in Slow Motion Shows How a Four Stroke Works

By: | February 9th, 2017

Smarter Every Day

The folks over at Smarter Every Day recently stopped by 805 Road King to film their see through engine in slow motion.

It’s fascinating to see a four stroke in all its glory, from the intake and compression to the combustion and the exhaust.

The see through engine is perfect for understanding how it works, which goes like this:

  • Air-fuel mixture gets drawn into the cylinder (intake)
  • Intake valve closes, and the piston in the cylinder pumps up to compress the gas (compression)
  • Spark plug fires up and ignites the air-fuel mixture, forcing the piston back down the cylinder (combustion)
  • Gas pumps out the exhaust valve (exhaust)

Above is a simplistic explanation, but check out the see through engine for yourself:

Marshall Smith

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