Lighting the Future: EtaVolt’s Revolutionary Solar Panel Rejuvenation

By: | December 27th, 2023

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Prolonging Solar Panel Lifespans: EtaVolt’s Breakthrough Technology

EtaVolt, a spin-off from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), has developed a device to enhance the longevity of both old and new photovoltaic (PV) panels. Harnessing the power of intense light pulses, they breathe new life into aging solar panels, extending their lifespans and boosting efficiency. 

EtaVolt’s Innovation Boosts Efficiency

EtaVolt’s innovation acts like a rejuvenating spa treatment, reversing the clock on these weary energy warriors. With a quick zap of their proprietary device, panels can regain up to 5% of their lost efficiency. But the magic doesn’t stop there; this light-powered therapy also shields the panels from further degradation for up to five years, depending on their initial condition. The best part? The entire process takes a mere five minutes per panel, a testament to the technology’s speed and convenience.

Traditionally, solar panel maintenance involves cleaning the top glass layer or replacing the entire module. Unfortunately, existing affordable solutions lack the capability to easily restore a solar panel’s efficiency on-site. EtaVolt’s Advanced Regeneration Technology, however, is a game-changer. It effectively works on over 90% of silicon solar cells in the market, addressing issues such as boron, oxygen, defects, and impurities.

Reducing E-Waste

Doubling panel lifespans minimizes the environmental footprint and the need for costly replacements. This not only benefits the environment but also saves solar panel owners money. EtaVolt’s cost-effective rejuvenation treatment offers additional years of power generation, making it a promising alternative to system replacements.

EtaVolt’s Role in the Future of Solar Energy

While still in the early stages, EtaVolt is actively collaborating in pilot projects and refining its approach, promising broader applications in the future.¬†EtaVolt’s technology is a beacon for the future of solar energy, promising increased efficiency, lower costs, and a more sustainable approach. As its rejuvenating light shines, it signals a future where solar energy thrives for generations, not just a few years.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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