Samsung’s Heavy Industries Building World’s Largest Shipping Container Vessel, Over 1,300-Feet Long

By: | March 4th, 2015

Samsung’s Heavy Industries has announced it will be building the world’s largest shipping container vessel for Japan’s Mitsui OSK Lines.

The massive ship will be over 1,300-feet long, and feature more than four football fields of deck space!

Heavy Industries will not simply be building one of these beasts, however. The company is building four at a cost of approximately $600 million, set to hit the Pacific Ocean in 2017.

Unfortunately, the ships will not be able to travel through the Panama Canal because of their gigantic size of 193-feet wide compared to canal’s max width of 110 feet.

Perhaps the most mind-blowing number regarding these shipping container vessels is the sheer amount of cargo they can carry.

Each ship is more than capable of transporting an incredible 20,150 containers during each crossing!

Wrap your head around that…

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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