SABRE Ground Demonstration for Mach 25 Reusable Hypersonic Air Engine

By: | November 4th, 2016

19,000 MPH Hypersonic Fighter, Spy & Space Planes 

The Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine or SABRE, developed by Reaction Engines of the UK and BAE Systems, has been covered by IndustryTap in Imagine Traveling to Any Destination on the Planet in a Few Hours and $1.1 Billion Hypersonic Aircraft’s Engines Get Boost From New Air Cooling Technology. Now, Reaction Engines is moving to phase two of the development of SABRE with tests expected in the next two years with unmanned test flights by 2025.

Validating the Use of Graphite-Composite Nuclear Fuel Elements

Reaction Engines is building a fighter jet engine-sized ground demonstration engine of what will be a reusable hypersonic propulsion system. The ultimate goal is to create a single stage SABRE rocket that will lift aircraft into space. The sub-scale demonstrator is expected to show the flight regimen and cycle and will be a significant development on the way toward reliable and inexpensive space access. Reaction Engines expects the demonstrator will provide enough information so that it can create a development and testing plan for a full-sized version of the rocket.

In the following video, meet the Skylon Spacecraft that uses a Mach 25 SABRE engine.

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