Guide To Global Hiring: 5 Tips for Scalable Growth with International PEOs

By: | August 9th, 2023

The current economic environment claims that hiring the right talent to boost a business’s growth is the need of the hour. A survey confirmed that approximately 97% of CEOs found sourcing potential candidates a priority when it concerns their business’s growth. Therefore, an increasing number of companies are hiring internationally to source this potential talent.

Establishing a legal entity in the nation is essential to introduce your company to new markets internationally. Recruiting foreign talents can help to find your foot abroad. However, this process isn’t a cakewalk and is slow and complex. This is where international PEOs enter the scene. A worldwide professional employer organization can assist you in quickly establishing a strong presence abroad. This post will highlight five effective tips to hire international talents for your company.

1. Determine the Hiring Status

Classifying employees correctly is one of the essential steps of global hiring. Undeniably, misclassifications could lead to penalties, fines, and lawsuits from the worker’s nation.

An International PEO can help you employ foreign contractors and quickly help you establish a strong presence in foreign markets. That sounds too simple, right? Well, the procedure is much more complicated, which may even lead to bigger problems in the long run if due diligence isn’t done on the basis of employment laws and local labor. 

For example, contractors are employed in more than one company at a time. If they solely work for you, it could lead to misclassification issues.

Similarly, outsourcing foreign employees will give you more control over your international operations. Establishing a legal entity can ease the process of hiring international employees.

So, it becomes crucial to determine the hiring status and be clear about country-compliance employment contracts to avoid such issues. Moreover, expert PEOs can eliminate potential issues while ensuring you have the right talent for your business.

2. Consider Work Visas

The concept of remote work is normalizing, giving you more control over how you can supervise foreign employees from your home. Nevertheless, relocating the employee to your headquarters is worth considering for specific skill sets and positions. It indicates sponsoring the potential employee’s work visa.

You could also choose other options like working holiday or youth mobility visas that allow individuals under 31 years of age, depending on their nation, to move to the head office for one or two years without sponsorship.

3. Set Aside Additional Resources and Time

Scheduling the hiring process is among the most crucial steps involved in hiring global talents. Normally, the entire recruitment procedure could take up to five months based on the employee’s visa application and immigration status. You must remember that the process could be time-consuming because you are hiring international workers. Factoring in additional time in advance makes the process easier and more convenient.

Setting a budget for international hires is more often a wise choice. Hiring a new and potential candidate may be expensive as it involves background checks and job board fees. The extra expenses associated with legal compliance when recruiting global workers can be way more expensive than one can imagine. So, when you set aside a budget, you will be ready to incur the extra expenses of hiring foreign employees.

4. Work With an Employer of Record

Do you know what’s the best option when hiring international talents? It involves engaging with a global employment service provider or an EOR. Wondering how they function or benefit you in this process? Employers of Records can assist you in recruiting workers legally from abroad.

Working with an EOR is one of the most economical and fastest ways to recruit employees from a nation different from yours. It helps to establish a strong and effective presence in foreign countries. An EOR may help you hire and onboard staff faster without needing an entity. Moreover, you may rest assured knowing that having your own legal, HR, or compliance professionals is not essential because EORs will be handling them all for you.

5. Invest In Technology

Making good use of advanced technology and your personal touch while recruiting and hiring can help make the candidate’s experience informative and seamless. It is wise to use tools such as automated scheduling applications that allow potential employees to schedule a meeting on the grounds of mutual availability.

Investing in top-notch video technologies is one of the best ways to improve your applicant’s experience. Several applications enable you to make the hiring process easier and more convenient for you and the candidate. Few applications also enable the candidates to pre-record a video for the interview process, enabling them to complete it at their convenience and re-record their responses to better their performance.

Final Notes

The post revealed the best tips for hiring global employees for scalable growth with international PEOs through this ultimate guide. Since the global expansion is quickly becoming necessary for businesses willing to have a strong presence abroad, choosing the suitable hiring method only makes sense. Not to mention the plethora of new and exciting opportunities waiting for you to explore. International PEOs are the right experts who can help you maintain an agile and flexible approach throughout the process.


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