ReFlex Is a Prototype Smartphone That Uses a LG Flexible OLED Touch Screen

By: | February 17th, 2016

Researchers from Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab created what is in my opinion, the most impressive application and prototype of flexible electronics yet.

ReFlex is a neat prototype smartphone that utilizes a 720p LG Display Flexible OLED touch screen in order to let you play games and flip through comic books by simply bending the device.

ReFlex features a system-on-a-chip that runs Android 4.4, in addition to haptic feedback motors and bend sensors to create a truly unique experience for the user.

One of the members of the research team, Roel Vertegaal, explains in a press release:

When this smartphone is bent down on the right, pages flip through the fingers from right to left, just like they would in a book. More extreme bends speed up the page flips. Users can feel the sensation of the page moving through their fingertips via a detailed vibration of the phone. This allows eyes-free navigation, making it easier for users to keep track of where they are in a document.. When a user plays the ‘Angry Birds’ game with ReFlex, they bend the screen to stretch the sling shot. As the rubber band expands, users experience vibrations that simulate those of a real stretching rubber band. When released, the band snaps, sending a jolt through the phone and sending the bird flying across the screen.

More details on ReFlex can be found here.

The prototype is expected to be presented at the Conference on Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interaction in Eindhoven, which will be an opportunity for the team to receive some great feedback on the device.

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