Powered Only by Light and Radio Waves, Tiny MilliMobile Robot Defies Gravity, Carrying Three Times Its Weight

By: | October 6th, 2023

Conventional mobile robots are dependent on batteries, which have certain restrictions related to their lifespan and environmental impact.

Picture this: a futuristic, pint-sized robotic marvel that defies convention!

A miniature robotic wonder that harnesses the boundless power of light and radio waves to propel itself through a world of possibilities. This tiny dynamo can sport a camera, a sensor, or even a trusty Bluetooth device, all while seamlessly transmitting data across vast expanses.

Sounds Straight Out of Sci-Fi…doesn’t It? Enter ‘MilliMobile’

A group of scientists from the University of Washington has developed an innovative autonomous robot, known as MilliMobile. This tiny robot, roughly the size of a penny (10 mm) and weighing as little as a raisin (1 gram or 0.04 oz), relies on light and radio waves for its operation.

Equipped with a solar panel-like energy harvesting system and featuring four wheels, MilliMobile is capable of traveling approximately 30 feet (9 m) per hour, even in overcast weather conditions.

This remarkable robot boasts a design that includes two motors, a sturdy carbon fiber chassis, a flexible printed circuit board, a light sensor, efficient solar cells, and an antenna. Impressively, MilliMobile exhibits substantial strength, capable of carrying cargo up to three times its own weight, such as cameras and environmental sensors.

You can witness the MilliMobile in action by watching the video below:

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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