PneuHound is a Little Robotic Dog Powered by You Guessed It… Pneumatics!

By: | July 18th, 2016

YouTube/Koh Hosoda

In the future, it’s quite possible real pets won’t exist anymore, and while I hope this does not come to fruition, it appears robotic animals are being developed just in case.

PneuHound is cute for a robot I guess, and as one would probably infer from the name, it’s a robotic dog driven by pneumatics.

Developed by researchers at Hosoda Laboratory at Osaka University, PneuHound is a relatively small robot dog which kind of bounds around like a puppy with copious amounts of energy.

You can check out PneuHound below, but obviously, it’s a far cry from the real thing.

You can’t beat a real dog, excited and wagging its tail, ready to greet you when you get home from work!

Marshall Smith

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