PlanGrid Software: Startup Bringing $3 Trillion Construction Industry Into the Future

By: | October 16th, 2015

Eliminating the “Paper Problem” with Startup PlanGrid Software

General contractors in construction are getting a much-needed boost through the wide selection of new software programs that use pixels instead of paper, benefiting themselves, planners, architects, and engineers. PlanGrid software, for example, is just one package allowing each team member to put down paper and pencil and pick up easy-to-use mobile devices. PlanGrid allows the entire team to share plans, photos, reports, and markups.

Leveraging the Mobile Revolution in the Field

Startup PlanGrid‘s software helps teams to collaborate on a building project, centralizing and prioritizing all of the information, diagrams, and construction plans for the project. All plans can be updated in real time, and all changes are immediately shown on the master set.

No matter how big a project is, PlanGrid loads quickly and new users can be up and running on the simple and intuitive interface in a matter of minutes. PlanGrid has a large number of training videos on YouTube, which show users features such as the measurement tool, creating new projects, managing the project team, and tips on annotations, to name a few.

The following is a great interview with CEO Ryan Sutton-Gee explaining the establishment of PlanGrid:

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