This Is What One Drop of Viper Venom Does To Human Blood…. It’s Horrifying!

By: | December 8th, 2014

Many snakes aren’t venomous, and in fact most snakes are relatively harmless.

However, the ones that exhibit a deadly bite have been feared by humans since the beginning of time and for good reason.

In the video below, two men milk the venom of a Russell’s viper in order to show the effects of mixing merely one drop of the snake’s venom with a glassful of human blood.

The results are bone-chilling to say the least.

The Russell’s pit viper is a formidable snake, killing thousands of people every year in Southeast Asia.

After dropping one drop of the snake’s venom in the glass of human blood, the blood solidifies into a clump within seconds, similar to what would happen inside a bite victim as blood clotting/coagulation occurs almost instantaneously. It is worth noting that the test in the video exposes the blood to oxygen, so the effects of the venom on the blood inside of a victim would be a little bit different.

Death is not the only thing to fear from a Russell’s viper bite as roughly one-third of people who survive a bite experience a wide variety of other terrible issues such as damage to the hormone-producing pituitary gland, loss of sex-drive, fertility, body hair, and sometimes cognitive problems.

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