Ocean Spiral Floats, Submerges In Ocean

By: | January 3rd, 2015

Seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Though humans have developed and maintained strong ties with the oceans, we can’t really utilize them for living.

But this is all set to change now!

A Japanese engineering firm Shimizu Corporation recently announced their proposal for developing the world’s first underwater city ‘Ocean Spiral.’ This city would float on the ocean surface and submerge down into the depths of the oceans when bad weather arrives.

‘Ocean Spiral’ will have three sections:

  1. A city contained in a 1,600 foot (500 meters) wide floating globe to accommodate 5,000 people in homes and hotels. Each globe would be placed at the top of spirals that plunge to depths of up to 2.5 miles.
  2. A 9 mile spiral path would connect each floating globe to a structure on the ocean floor. Small spheres would travel up and down the spiral to transport cargo.
  3. The structure on the ocean floor would serve as an “earth factory” for collecting rare metals and minerals.

Water temperature and pressure difference at the top and bottom of the ocean could be utilized for generating power.

The plan is not just to build one, but several Ocean Spirals that could survive earthquakes and tsunamis that are fairly common in Japan.

Each Ocean Spiral would cost about $25 billion and if all goes well, the first globe would be ready by 2030.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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