Oak Labs & Ralph Lauren are Testing an Interactive Fitting Room With a Smart Mirror

By: | November 19th, 2015

New York-based startup Oak Labs is teaming up with the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store in New York City to unveil its new smart, interactive fitting room.

No matter how you look at shopping, fitting rooms are still an extremely pertinent part of the in-store experience, allowing shoppers to get the perfect fit they might not be able to achieve by ordering online.

Oak CEO Healey Cypher is looking to make purchases as seamless as possible through the company’s interactive fitting room, which looks like something right out of the future.

“Everything we build has to be human,” he said, stressing the importance of how the fitting room is meant to be inviting and engaging.

How Does the Interactive Fitting Room Work?

Once a shopper walks into the Ralph Lauren demo room, the lights respond, as does the interactive display in the mirror, which immediately shows the clothes brought in on the display.

From there, the shopper can interact with the smart mirror by choosing different sizes, colors, or other styles.

It’s probably not too far off shopping online on your iPad, yet in an actual store and the fitting room mirror working as your tablet.

Of course, the whole idea behind this technology is to ensure more shoppers go through with making a purchase before going home and ordering the same thing online.

We’ll see if this takes off or never becomes a viable shopping option.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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