Doing Nothing 10 Minutes a Day Can Boost Your Mental Health

By: | May 27th, 2014

Running errands. Feeding the kids. Going to work. Studying for exams. The average person lives a stressful life, whether they notice it or not.

We are always juggling schedules, commitments and even when we think we’re at rest, we’re usually thinking about something we have to do. We never really take the time to relax, clear our minds and gain a fresh perspective on our day-to-day lives.

It doesn’t take much at all to boost your mental health, simply 10 minutes of complete silence and an open mind.

While stress is good in itself, capable of processing, coping and dealing with information, we need to realize that our brain is a powerhouse of emotions, ideas and motivation. The brain is the most complex tool at our disposal and it is easily overexerted. Meditation is one of the many ways to take a step back from reality and approach our consciousness from a new direction.

In this TED talk video, Andy Puddicombe discusses the “transformative power” of doing nothing 10 minutes a day:

Austin Miller

I am an aspiring physicist, with an interest in art and technology.

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