Norway’s Symbollic Gesture Will Cut an Island in Two

By: | March 16th, 2014

Norway will remember the tragic events of the July 2011 Utøya Island shootings with an ambitious architectural feat that will see a section of the island cut out, creating a passage through the land itself. The project has been designed by art studio KORO and Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg, which he calls a “memory wound”, acting as a metaphor for the loss of that day.

The woodland terrain will be bore through with an 11-foot wide gap that will allow small vessels to pass through. The walls inside the gap will be etched with the names of those lost on the island. Visitors to the island will be led to the cut by a new path where they can pay their respects.

Norway’s government is also planning a second memorial in Oslo’s city center to mark the lives lost in the second of Anders Breivik’s attacks.

View more artist sketches of the Utøya land cut

Jonathan Keane

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