Nike’s World Cup Soccer Shoe Emulates Playing in Socks

By: | March 25th, 2014

Nike execs the Magista has been designed so that “players are free to unlock their potential and creativity.” Photo © NIKE

Nike’s new soccer shoe, the Magista, was designed for the upcoming World Cup and acts as an extension of the body of the person wearing it.

For the past four years, Nike has been developing its new soccer boot design and with the input from numerous players, came up with a boot suited for the fast-paced play of today’s soccer.



Nike Global Football Design Director Denis Dekovic says, “The big aha moment was when we realized that we shouldn’t be designing a shoe for just the players’ foot. The foot is integrated with the body.”

Unlike traditional shoes, the Magista has no tongue in order keep it from bothering players as they cut back and forth.

Instead, a stretchy sock-like material extends all the way past the ankle, creating the comfort of wearing socks while wearing a potential revolutionary soccer boot. To do this, Nike utilized its Flyknit technology, which can best be understood by watching this video:

Waterproof, 3-D rubber ridges outline the outside of the shoe to ensure extreme accuracy for players dribbling and striking in all types of conditions.

With the 2014 World Cup merely months away, we won’t have to wait much longer to see how the Magista performs on the pitch.

Marshall Smith

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