Next Generation Construct Platform, Makeblock

By: | January 12th, 2013

Makeblock has just made creativity even simpler. The extrusion based construct platform allows for creative designs of machines, robots and artware, and anything else in between. Using mostly aluminium, Makeblock’s key is its simplicity, requiring only a screwdriver for assembly, eliminating many of the messier means like adhesives or soldering.

Makeblock’s core is its accessibility and simple approach to construct based platforms and is aimed at everyone from 14 years and up. What’s more is its compatibility with Lego pieces as well as Arduino circuit boards. However, where Makeblock truly becomes cutting edge is with its accompanying app, which can be used to operate your creations.

Currently in its BETA phase, the Makeblock app for Android allows the user to control their designs’ movements and operations via Bluetooth. For now, simple forward/backward and left/right movements can be operated from a smartphone with further developments in the pipeline, along with iOS versions.

Jasen Wang, who studied aircraft design in his college days, is the mind behind the Chinese-based company Makeblock, describing the platform simply as “an aluminum version of Lego bricks”.

“Like Lego, parts can connect to each other easily and flexibly,” he explained in a recent interview, “but you don’t need nuts to make the connections, since we have a clever threaded slot design”. Moreover, connections are colour-coded too to allow for easy assembly, particularly for newcomers to the product who are just getting started with their designs.

Makeblock’s current Kickstarter campaign is on-going, in the hopes of raising funds to expand on the product’s functions and components, allowing users to create a whole host of new designs and crucially, to develop the app. The company has only a handful of staff and is a small operation still looking for more funding, however it has since greatly surpassed its $30,000 aim, with donations well past the $100,000 mark.

Jonathan Keane

Irish journalist writing on business, tech and engineering.


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