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Is This What LaGuardia Airport Will Look Like by 2021?

Design firm Neoscape has released a concept structure for LaGuardia Airport which features “waves” throughout the structure. While this idea may not be the design chosen, the all-glass entrance and unique shape of the building is certainly worth talking about while we wait to find out who will be chosen to take on the $2.5 […]

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Koenigsegg Unveils the World’s First 273MPH Production Megacar
Taiwan High Speed Rail’s Hsin Chu Station Mall Set to Become a Green Icon
Architecture Student’s Design Closes the Shades on Traditional Mini Blinds
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Massive Glass Biodomes Could Save Endangered Species

Architect and engineering firm Samoo recently created beautiful designs for the National Research Center for Endangered Species. Massive glass biodomes are the most unique feature of the project, which would essentially act as closed off and isolated ecosystems to breed and raise endangered species before releasing them back into the wild. At the moment, buildings […]

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Nano-Enhanced Carbon Fiber Wheels Bring Victory In World’s Toughest Downhill Race
How Mother Earth Defends Us from Solar Storms
Britain’s Royal Mint Banks on This 12-Sided £1 Coin to Eliminate Counterfeiting
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