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No Drivers Required for These Military Trucks

Transporting material through war zones is an increasingly dangerous task. Self-driving trucks that let the radar and sensors navigate toward a programmed destination could be the solution. Recently, the U.S. Army demonstrated an autonomous fleet of vehicles with the hopes of deploying them to battle areas one day. The demonstration was a joint project between […]

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Will Bacteria-Coated Rubber Be Our Next Source of Electricity?
Virtual Reality Breakthrough Makes Your Flight’s On-Board Nuisances Disappear
Electrical Component Manufacturer Sagas and the Intellectual Property Fight
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Bionic Limb Advances Reconnect the Patient’s Sense of Touch

Things have changed for Dennis Sorensen, who for nine years, has been unable to feel anything with his left hand.  He lost his hand in an accident involving fireworks. Now, he is testing a bionic replacement that also gives him the sense of touch. Sorensen made a month-long trip from his home in Denmark to […]

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Super Luxury Trimaran Fleet to Set Sail with Flagship 262 Ft. “Dragonship 80”
Google and WWF Fund Drones to End Poaching
We All Lose When Global Manufacturing Leadership Fails
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