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Systems Engineering Helping Planners Assess 21st Century Challenges

In the 21st century, human civilization is becoming increasingly complex and will only become more so. Transportation systems, for example, see tens to hundreds of thousands if not millions of “trips” per day. To improve traffic flow, promote lawful use of infrastructure, and to make traveling easier for many different types of vehicle operators, Intelligent […]

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The MultiCuber 999 Sets World Record For Largest Rubik’s Cube Ever Solved by a Robot
NIKE Presto Ultra Flyknit Transformed Into Emoji-Like Designs by Chris Labrooy
Everyone Was Stunned as Snow Fell in the Sahara for First Time in 37 Years
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Thousands of Ancient Inscriptions in Jordan’s Black Desert Suggest Life Once Flourished There

Archaeologists in the Jebel Qurma region of Jordan’s Black Desert have discovered thousands of inscriptions and petroglyphs which are expected to be around 2,000 years old. They have uncovered more than 5,000 pieces of ancient rock art over the last five years. Inscriptions found are written in the ancient Safaitic (a script used by the […]

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Centimeter Level Accuracy of Global Positioning Systems
These Diamond Batteries can Generate a Small Electric Current for Thousands of Years
Why the Internet of Things Means a Boom For Engineering Jobs
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