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Ford & Tonka Teamed Up to Create a REAL 6.7-Liter Diesel V-8 Dump Truck!

I would be willing to bet almost every person I know played with a Tonka truck at some point during their childhood. That’s how iconic Tonka’s toy brand was and still is… Now, however, Ford Motor Company has announced it teamed up with Tonka to bring to life a full-size, fully functional F-750 dump truck, equipped […]

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This Mini Windmill Quietly Turns Wind Into Electricity for Your Home
This Nissan EV Comes With a BBQ Grill, Karaoke Machine, & Its Own Drone!
British Government Approves Plans for Spaceport in the United Kingdom
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Living in a Grain Silo is Not Exactly Corny: Phoenix Architect Builds His Own Home in the Round

Since I can first remember, I have been fascinated by the nesting options of humans. The overcrowding aside, it seemed like it might be fun to live in Mother Hubbard’s shoe house. And a little short stack like I am could fit right into a Hobbit Hole in the Shire. Square walls are so boring. […]

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Kenyan Student Converts Human Waste Into Clean Cooking Gas
Silencer or Suppressor? An Inside Look at One of Gun Enthusiasts Coolest Gadgets!
Google’s Titan Drones to be Tested This Year…. Hope to Provide Internet to the World!
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