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The World’s Fastest Elevator Will Take You to the 95th Floor in 43 Seconds

We hope you don’t get motion sickness. Hitachi is manufacturing the world’s fastest elevator for the Guangzhou CTF Finance Center in China, traveling between the first and 95th floor of the towering 440 meter structure, which is still being constructed. The elevator will move at 72km an hour, or 44 mph, and will take 43 […]

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Dastardly Japanese Robot Wins “Rock, Paper, Scissors” 100% of the Time
Wi-Fi Enabled Telescope Uses GPS and Your Smartphone to Map Out the Galaxy for You
Mercedes-Benz Tweets Photo of Its Heavy Duty Actros Carrying a 250-Ton Mining Hauler
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Insane Footage Of Parkour Star As a Real-Life Spider-Man!

Sony, Los Angeles based production studio Contagious, and parkour star Ronnie Shalvis all teamed up in order to create an awesome video to promote “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. Shalvis is dressed as a real-life Spider-Man and does some incredible stunts that will have you thinking he might be a super hero after all!

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The World’s First No-Tail Rotor Helicopter is Powered by Compressed Air
Shock-Absorbing Wheels Help Wheelchair Users Ride Down the Stairs Comfortably
Brits’ Burn Garbage to Produce “Biogas” Jet Engine Fuel
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