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DARPA’s POWER Program: Paving the Way for Wireless Power Beaming

DARPA is developing the Persistent Optical Wireless Energy Relay (POWER) program to transform energy distribution through airborne power transfer. Wireless Power will make all the Cables Disappear! The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has revealed the primary contractors selected for the initial phase of its ambitious program. For the initial phase of […]

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Lanzador SUV Concept: First All-Electric Vehicle from Lamborghini
Not Just Pain Relief: A Daily Aspirin Can Keep Diabetes at Bay
Energy Department: Largest ‘Carbon Removal’ Investment Announced
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The Future of Surveillance: SMART ePANTS and Privacy Concerns

The US government has invested $22 million in a project called SMART ePants, with the goal of developing various clothing items such as shirts, trousers, or undergarments for surveillance purposes. These garments would be equipped with audio, video, and geolocation recording devices. They are designed to possess qualities like stretchability, flexibility, washability, and overall comfort, […]

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Space-Age Cooling: U.S. Air Force’s Freeze Ray for Space Systems
Scientists Grow Human Kidneys in Pigs: A Lifesaving Breakthrough for Organ Transplants
Innovative Kidney Transplant Monitoring: A Lifesaving Breakthrough
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