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Metal 3D Printing: Introducing a Gel for Room Temperature Printing of Heat-Sensitive Electronics

Traditional methods of 3D-printing metal objects involve the application of heat. However, this poses limitations when it comes to producing heat-sensitive electronics and similar items. A recent breakthrough introduces a gel that enables printing such objects at room temperature. This innovative solution offers a promising alternative for manufacturing these delicate components. Developed by the researchers […]

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Unsupported 3D Ceramic Printing Technology Developed by Chinese Scientists
Regrow Your Teeth: Breakthrough ‘Miracle’ Drug in the Works!
Breaking Boundaries: Laser-Based Communication Revolutionizes Satellite Data Transfer
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LionGlass: 10x Stronger, 50% Greener – Penn State’s Breakthrough in Sustainable Glass!

While glass has several advantages such as transparency, versatility, and durability…its benefits are hindered by its inherent brittleness. Now researchers at Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) in the US have successfully created a novel glass variant that boasts 10x more crack resistance compared to conventional glass while also reducing its carbon footprint by nearly half. […]

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Say Goodbye to Painful Injections and Bitter Pills! Embrace these oral films for Painless and Precise Drug Delivery
Ford: First Carbon Neutral Assembly Plant Opened
Reshaping Nature: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Trees
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