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Revolutionary Hyundai EV to End Parallel Parking Woes!

Parallel parking is one of the most common driving woes because it involves a lot of maneuvering your car to fit perfectly between two already parked vehicles. A survey by The Zebra in 2020 found almost half of Americans (49%) have parallelophobia, or the fear of parallel parking. Though parking sensors, mirrors, reversing cameras, and […]

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World’s Smallest LED Could Turn Mobile Phone Camera into A High-Res Microscope
Bridgestone: Tire Using 75% Recycled Materials Developed
Ingestible “Electroceutical” Capsule Boosts Appetite Hormone Levels
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MIT Engineers Create Injectable Synthetic Blood Clots to Halt Internal Bleeding to Save Lives

Post-traumatic bleeding is the leading cause of potentially preventable death among trauma patients. This kind of blunt trauma causes blood vessels inside the body to be torn or crushed either by shear forces or blunt objects. Internal bleeding is difficult to detect and treat! Blood loss from traumatic injuries worldwide is responsible for more than […]

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QR Codes Can Steal Your Money, FBI Warns
Global Record: 1M Robots Work in the Automotive Industry
World’s First Wooden Transistors Invented for Future Electronic Devices
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