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Researchers Are Ready to Implant the World’s First Human Bionic Eye

Researchers at Monash University have developed a bionic device that can restore vision to the blind through a brain implant.  Researchers foresee that these implants could also treat people with untreatable neurological conditions like paralysis.  The device is called Gennaris bionic vision system. It incorporates a custom headgear, wireless transmitter, vision processor unit, and software […]

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Uber Partners with Renault and Nissan to Flood European Capitals with EVs
Autonomous Robots Could Harvest Metals from the Ocean Floor
Japan’s Flying Car Successfully Carries out First Manned Test Flight
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3,200 Megapixel Images Taken by World’s Largest Digital Camera

Stanford researchers have successfully tested the world’s largest digital camera capable of taking gigantic 3,200-megapixel photos. The camera will be installed in the university’s Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) telescope into the Vera Rubin Observatory (VRO) in Chile. SLAC’s Steven Kahn, director of the observatory, said, “This achievement is among the most significant of the […]

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Skeleton Technologies Graphene Superbattery Charges in 15 Seconds
Scientists Find Possible Sign of Life on Venus
How to Choose Industrial Automation Controllers for Enhanced Manufacturing
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