New Survey Reports Engineering Salaries are Increasing

By: | December 31st, 2013

Engineers in the US are seeing a rise in their salaries, which is set to continue in 2014, according to a new survey conducted by consulting firm Zweig White, in conjunction with the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).

The 2014 Engineering Firm Salary Surveys shows that base salaries for engineers in the fields of design and construction have risen. The survey is divided into regions in the US, looking at the salaries paid in different companies.

Firms in the Northeast and South Atlantic saw pay increases in civil and structural engineering, and environmental-related posts, including entry level positions. However, roles like department managers have seen the most noticeable increase.

Go Structural is also reporting that “the median salary for project managers at structural engineering firms grew over 10%, from $81,640 in 2013, to $90,000 in 2014.” The rise isn’t considered new but shows that salaries are not showing signs of decreasing yet.

The 2014 Engineering Firm Salary Surveys are the most up-to-date and comprehensive compensation survey reports for engineering firms operating in each region of the U.S.,” says the researchers’ overview. “Based on data from a broad sampling of engineering firms in the region reporting salaries for all positions, these reports are the new standard for firm leaders and human resources directors looking to benchmark their staff’s compensation against their peers.”

Jonathan Keane

Irish journalist writing on business, tech and engineering.


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